Cleveland, OH,
03:14 PM

Simulation tech Jared Lee rescues a woman with the cord from his scrubs


As Jared Lee was heading south on Interstate 77 from his job as a simulation training specialist at MetroHealth, he pulled over to help a woman and her young son who were involved in a car accident.

Jared travels with a first-aid kit and began treating the woman, who had suffered minor cuts. Her son was uninjured.

While he was with the mother and son, an accident occurred in the opposite direction. This time the driver wasn’t so lucky: The impact of the collision forced her hand through the window.

“It was bad,” remembers Jared. “She was experiencing heavy bleeding from an arterial injury.”

With nothing at the scene to stop the bleeding, Jared recalled a technique he had learned a month before.

“We were practicing how to use different items you might either have or find at the scene of an injury.”

What he had that day on I-77 was the cord from his scrubs.

Jared quickly tied off the woman’s seriously injured hand and used a “loop and pull method” to secure the tourniquet. He maintained pressure on the injury until an ambulance arrived.

If Jared hadn’t been on the scene, the woman would have likely faced a different outcome.

“The stars were aligned for her that day,” he says.

Thank you, Jared, for stopping and helping a neighbor in need.