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Andreanna Sims joins MetroHealth as new Director of Real Estate and Property Management

2-2-2018 AndreannaB

Andreanna Sims joins MetroHealth as new Director of Real Estate and Property Management

With almost 20 years of experience in private-sector real estate, Andreanna Sims, new Director of Real Estate and Property Management, is eager to bring some of that sophistication to the public sector here at MetroHealth.

“I know how people perceive public agencies,” she says. “I know if we’re entrusted with public funds, we have to be accountable. In that accountability, there needs to be transparency.”

In the newly created role, Andreanna will use her experiences on both sides of the negotiating table to help scout new property for the System, and she’ll work with CCH Development Corp., our newly formed neighborhood-development non-profit, to spot, negotiate and secure real estate for development.

On the property management side, she’ll develop strong relationships with our landlords.

Roughly three dozen of our locations sit on land or in buildings owned by someone else. And Andreanna wants to make sure the landlords know we are paying attention.

“This is a partnership. We value you. We honor you by sending our rent every month. We want to work with you. But please don’t take advantage of us,” she says.

Andreanna’s journey in real estate began with a chance meeting with members of the Forest City Enterprises’ leadership team. They were part of the selection team interviewing candidates for a role at a local nonprofit. Instead of giving her the non-profit position, they convinced her to work for them.

She rose through the ranks quickly, eventually overseeing the retail leasing for many of Forest City’s shopping centers, including Tower City in Cleveland and Stonecrest near Atlanta.

Later, she moved to Nashville to work at Dollar General’s corporate headquarters on the tenant side of retail leasing and negotiating deals for new stores. She astounded her colleagues by securing such favorable terms that she saved the retail giant more than $2 million a year.

In late 2017, when MetroHealth posted an opening for the Director of Real Estate and Property Management, she knew it was her chance to come home to be close to family.

“The boomerang was ready to return,” she says.