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Bring us your old, unused medicine - no questions asked

11-24-2017 Drug Drop Box

Our new, permanent drug drop-off box is going to be good for public health, the environment and the community.

MetroHealth joins 42 municipalities across Cuyahoga County that provide safe, 24-hour disposal for old and unused medications.

Getting rid of unused pills needs to be done right. Leaving them on the shelf or in a drawer creates risks for poisoning or accidents. Medicine thrown in the trash or flushed down the drain can hurt the environment. Also, most opioid addictions begin with misused or abused prescription painkillers. Get unused drugs out of your house as soon as you’re not taking them.

That’s where drug drop-off boxes come in. Ours is installed right outside our police department on our main campus. The box gives you a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of expired or unwanted pills. The box is always available, and drop-offs are accepted with no questions asked. Once collected, the medicine is destroyed safely.

So check your medicine cabinet. Find anything you don’t need? Our drug drop-off box is here for you.

To drop off unused medication at our new drop-off box:

  • Turn onto MetroHealth Drive from Scranton Road.
  • Park in the north visitors lot (free for the first 30 minutes).
  • Enter our main hospital through the large revolving door.
  • Take the B elevators (located directly behind the information desk) down to the ground level.
  • Exit the elevators, take a left and follow signs for police.
  • The drop box is located just outside the police department office.

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