Cleveland, OH,
16:48 PM

Dr. Timothy Kasprzak Named 2018 Radiology Management Award Winner by AUR

Kasprzak, Timothy

Timothy Kasprzak, MD, is being honored by the Association of University Radiologists (AUR) with the 2018 Radiology Management Award for his case on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Innovation.”

The AUR Radiology Management Award is presented for best management case. Dr. Kasprzak, who has been a member or the organization since 2011, will present the case during the AUR Radiology Management Program, part of the organization’s annual meeting taking place in Florida in May.

Dr. Kasprzak summarizes his case by stating that Artificial Intelligence (AI) “will create more opportunities for innovation in radiology than previous inventions of new modalities (like CT or MRI) did.” The case challenges participants to address the evolving role of the radiologist and identify pragmatic solutions for collaborations, workflows and trainee education in context of a population health model. “MetroHealth providers and patients will see a direct benefit as radiologists identify opportunities for this innovation to deliver improved quality, at less cost and with faster turnaround times.”

This award is presented by the most prestigious academic group in radiology,” says Robert Ferguson, MD, Chair, Radiology. He adds that the impact of AI on the practice of radiology over the next decade “will be transformative,” and that this award highlights Dr. Kasprzak’s reputation as a thought leader in the field. He says Dr. Kasprzak is part of a collaborative in the Department of Radiology, along with Drs. William Baughman and Jeffrey Prescott, who are pushing the envelope to positively influence the field.

The AUR consists of over 2,000 academic radiologists, residents, and fellows. The purpose of the AUR is to encourage excellence in radiological laboratory and clinical investigation, teaching and clinical practice; to stimulate an interest in academic radiology as a medical career; to advance radiology as a medical science; and to represent academic radiology at a national level.