Cleveland, OH,
13:00 PM

Edwardo Munoz named a Health Advocate Champion for the Clark-Fulton community

Our VIDA! Program, which demonstrates healthier preparations of Latin dishes, is being recognized as a force for good in our neighborhood.

The Clark-Fulton MyCom Coalition recently chose VIDA!’s director, Edwardo Munoz, as a Health Advocate Champion because of the impact VIDA! has had in the neighborhood.

The Clark-Fulton MyCom Coalition is mobilizing youth to empower their families and community through active partnerships to build a stronger, safer and healthier neighborhood. It’s part of the overall MyCom, a public-private partnership with the Cleveland Foundation, Cuyahoga County, the city of Cleveland and other community organizations. One of the initiative’s goals is to strengthen the broader community by building a network of support and opportunities for youth.

VIDA! fits that mission perfectly. Local home cooks of all ages are recruited to learn affordable, accessible, healthy and, most importantly, culturally relevant ways to make traditional meals. MetroHealth dietitians and physicians, along with certified chefs, lead the courses. After 10 weeks of training, the cooks are armed with the knowledge they need to improve their health and the health of others with each home-cooked meal.

After a successful first year, Edwardo and his VIDA! team are getting ready to launch an expanded program to ensure the successes they’ve achieved can be shared with even more people in our community. Read more about VIDA!’s first year here.