Cleveland, OH,
11:26 AM

Generous Donation, Unique Partnership Allows MetroHealth to Support Employees Whose Children are Learning Remotely

MetroHealth employees whose children are going to school remotely because of COVID-19 will have access to a rich educational environment for their kids during the work day, thanks to a unique partnership and a very generous donation.

The MetroHealth System has teamed up with Urban Community School to offer assisted learning support for the children of employees who are in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.

An anonymous donation to the MetroHealth Employee Assistance Fund is allowing the system to help its employees pay for this program.

“One of the greatest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic is the uncertainty we face in our daily lives, particularly as it relates to our children,” said MetroHealth President and CEO Akram Boutros, M.D. “This program will allow parents to come to go to work knowing their children are supervised and have someone who can help with school assignments. We are grateful to Urban Community School and our donor for making this partnership possible.”

“This is another example of Urban Community School working to fill a critical gap in our neighborhood,” said Tom Gill, President of Urban Community School. “We will help educate more children, preparing the next generation of Cleveland’s leaders, while helping a good partner.”

"Our world is in crisis and our city is no exception,” said Urban Community School President Tom Gill. “Urban Community School cannot meet all of the needs but our mission compels us to do more right now. MetroHealth is a great friend and partner to our school. They make us better.

“And when a friend calls you and asks for support, you do everything you can to say yes. For us at UCS, if it means serving more kids and playing a small role in helping caretakers keep working at such an important place in our community, we will do everything we possibly can to make it work,” Gill said.

The program will be offered from 6:30 a.m. through 4 p.m. beginning September 8.

Students will be dropped off at Urban Community School at 4909 Lorain Ave., a short drive from MetroHealth’s Main and Old Brooklyn campuses. There, teacher assistants will help students as they do distance learning lessons from their own schools. The students will bring their own breakfast and/or lunch, as well as their own laptop and school supplies.

The cost is $50 per day, but MetroHealth will subsidize half of it through the donation, so the cost to employees will be $25 per day. Employees can use the service as few as two days per week up to five days per week.

This program for MetroHealth employees marks another major collaboration between the public healthcare system and Urban Community School. This spring, MetroHealth moved its Ohio City Health Center into the newly built Cletus Jeckering Family Health Center on the UCS campus. The Ohio City Health Center offers an array of outpatient services, including Urgent Care, as well as onsite referrals to social service partners.

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