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Get the latest on our Transformation: planning updates, community development and EcoDistricts

3-9-2018 County Council Update

Part of our ongoing commitment to keep everyone in Cuyahoga County healthy is to keep the you informed about what we’re planning, and how those plans impact the community.

MetroHealth Senior Vice President of Campus Transformation Walter Jones and Director of Economic and Community Development Jim Haviland updated the Cuyahoga County Council’s Community Development Committee on our Transformation earlier this week.

Walter showed what patients and visitors are likely to experience as their enter our reimagined campus: more natural light, brighter spaces and clearer access to a redesigned main entrance. These design elements aren’t just for looks though. As Walter pointed out, studies have shown that patients, visitors and staff benefit from views of natural spaces. That philosophy will extend outdoors as well. We’re creating a greener, more welcoming campus. Right now about an acre of our campus is green space; our new campus will have almost 25 acres, much of it available to the community.

But we want our Transformation to be about more than a new hospital and brighter grounds. That’s why we’re committed to revitalizing our West 25th Street neighborhood, too. In addition to new buildings and a new park-like campus, the Transformation is going to spread into the community.

Jim explained one example of what that growth will look like when he shared our plans for the Lincoln Building site. Located right across the street from our main campus, the site is currently unoccupied. In the future, not only will it be a new home base for Metro Life Flight’s ground unit, it will become a new headquarters for the MetroHealth Police Department and an office space for CCH Development Corp., our new community development corporation. There will also be space for a business incubator that will help MetroHealth entrepreneurs grow their ideas and their businesses.

These two aspects of our future come together in our plan to make our surrounding neighborhood a certified EcoDistrict. Identifying areas committed to innovation, sustainability, economic opportunity and social equity, EcoDistricts are the new gold standard for community development across the country. And ours will be the first certified district in the world anchored by a health system. The MetroHealth Community District will span approximate 585 acres throughout our neighborhood, reaching from Interstate 90/490 to the north, I-71 to the east and south and Fulton Road to the west. Visit our profile on the EcoDistrict website to see the full details.

We can’t wait to share more news and updates as they become available, and we’re looking forward to unveiling the full designs of our new hospital and campus in June.

Until then, we want to hear from you! Send your Transformation questions to There’s no question too big or small.

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