14:14 PM

Happy 35th Metro Life Flight!

Metro Life Flight over lake

Metro Life Flight’s team is always on call and always ready. Summoned during some of life’s scariest moments - accidents, trauma, sudden illness - Life Flight arrives swiftly, often from the sky, to provide critical, life-saving care to anyone who needs it.

And this month Metro Life Flight celebrates 35 years of caring for our community.

Since it launched in September 1982, Life Flight has transported more than 88,000 patients. Last year alone, crews logged more than 44,000 miles on the ground and another 160,000 in the skies. The Life Flight team includes physicians, nurses, paramedics, pilots, flight communications officers and mechanics – all working together as a team to save lives.

Even though it's most well-known for serving patients in and around Cleveland, Life Flight actually covers areas as far south as Columbus and west as Toledo.

“We’re celebrating more than an anniversary,” says Dr. Akram Boutros, MetroHealth’s president and CEO. “For 35 years, Metro Life Flight has been caring for our region’s critically ill and injured. That’s longer than any other medical air transport team in Northeast Ohio. And that's why they're the very best at what they do.”

The city honored Metro Life Flight’s birthday on September 5, when it illuminated Terminal Tower with blue and yellow lights.

Congratulations, Metro Life Flight, on 35 years of life-saving care!