15:28 PM

Metro Life Flight Expands Operations

Huron County patients will now have the highest quality of care before arriving at the hospital due to the expansion of Metro Life Flight in north central Ohio. Both Metro Life Flight helicopters and ground units will serve as the primary critical care transport service provider in the region. This expansion is the result of the Fisher-Titus MetroHealth trauma care collaboration, announced last October.

“MetroHealth is committed to the North Central Ohio region,” said Bernard Boulanger, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. “It’s a natural fit to expand our relationship in this way and expand our care to include the pre-hospital setting.”

“In October, we entered into a collaboration with the MetroHealth system, a top provider for trauma and burn care in Ohio, to bring skilled trauma care to our hospital. It’s only natural to expand our trauma plans to include key partnerships within our transport service to further evolve our critical care offering into the pre-hospital environment,” said Brent Burkey, MD, President, Fisher-Titus.

In addition, MetroHealth is now serving as the Medical Director of Fisher-Titus’ North Central EMS service, a 911 and EMS transport service in Huron and surrounding counties. In this role, MetroHealth physicians and EMS coordinators will oversee protocols and processes for patient care, as well as quality and continuing education for North Central EMS staff.

A new emergency transport vehicle will be added to the existing fleet and will be based in the Norwalk area.