Cleveland, OH,
16:09 PM

Metro Life Flight Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

Metro Life Flight over lake

Metro Life Flight crews are everywhere. You've seen them in the air and on the ground. At safety events and on the scene of medical emergencies.

And this weekend they're celebrating 35 years of caring for our community. 

Science and technology may have advanced a lot in the last three decades, but one thing hasn’t changed: Metro Life Flight is here for everyone in Northern Ohio who needs them, no matter what.

Since it started caring for patients in September 1982, Metro Life Flight has transported more than 88,000 patients. Last year alone, its crews logged more than 44,000 miles on the ground and another 160,000 in the skies. Even though it's most well-known for serving patients in and around Cleveland, Life Flight actually covers areas as far south as Columbus and west as Toledo. 

Over the years, Life Flight has partnered with countless local and national agencies, making more than a few friends along the way. One of their biggest fans is MetroHealth president and CEO, Dr. Akram Boutros.

Dr. Boutros did not hesitate to praise everything Life Flight means to our community. "We’re celebrating more than our anniversary," he said. "For 35 years, Metro Life Flight has been caring for our region’s critically ill and injured. That’s longer than any other medical air transport team in Northeast Ohio. And that's why they're the very best at what they do."

Life Flight has helped tens of thousands of patients over the years, and they've made an impression that goes beyond the hospitals and clinics they visit. The next time you run into someone from the flight communications office, or a pilot, mechanic or clinical crew member, congratulate them on 35 years of outstanding service. And if you'll be downtown Tuesday, September 5, make sure to catch Terminal Tower's lights set to blue and yellow to mark the occasion.

Click below to see photos from throughout Life Flight's history.