Cleveland, OH,
19:00 PM

MetroHealth Announces New Corporate Brand to Reflect the Caring, Inclusive Spirit of Cleveland’s Public Health System

New Logo + Tagline

To capture the true spirit of MetroHealth’s commitment to caring for all people, the public health system unveiled its new brand identity at its Annual Stakeholders Meeting Thursday evening, September 23.

MetroHealth’s newly refreshed brand reflects the system’s contribution and dedication to the community and the advanced thinking that inspires change. MetroHealth’s new tagline, “Devoted to hope, health, and humanity,” reflects the passion of the health system’s 8,000 employees who instill hope, foster health and carry the warmth and humanity synonymous with MetroHeath.

“It is a creed that welcomes those in need, envelopes them in a kind of caring that goes far beyond medical care,” MetroHealth CEO and President Akram Boutros told the 200 socially distanced people attending the meeting at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

It is also a declaration, he said, one that draws thousands of employees, volunteers, community partners and others to MetroHealth to address those needs.

The new MetroHealth System logo is derived from the medical plus or cross icon, used initially by the Red Cross as a beacon for inclusive, non-biased medical care and a universal symbol of aid, comfort, safety and good health. MetroHeath’s interpretation of this iconic medical symbol is composed of a series of dots in a variety of colors and sizes that symbolize the diversity and inclusivity of the MetroHealth community as well as within MetroHealth’s own employee team. MetroHealth has been a prominent leader within the community to ensure they deliver beyond medicine and build and sustain many community-centric services, including healthy food, educational opportunities, legal aid and more.

“We bring together people of all races, all ages, all ethnicities, all incomes, all genders, all walks of life to care for people of all races, all ages, all ethnicities, all incomes, all genders, all walks of life,” Boutros told the crowd.

The new MetroHealth branding will be seen throughout the entire system’s buildings and marketplace presence throughout the next year.

The new brand can also be seen in the release of MetroHealth’s new video, “America the Beautiful,” which highlights the health system’s dedication to diversity, inclusion and equity and is posted on its website,

“Until we erase bias and hatred, we can never be a truly healthy community,” Boutros said in releasing the video. “And MetroHealth is here to create a healthy community – for everyone.”

About The MetroHealth System

Founded in 1837, MetroHealth is leading the way to a healthier you and a healthier community through service, teaching, discovery, and teamwork. Cuyahoga County’s public, safety-net hospital system, MetroHealth meets people where they are, providing care through five hospitals, four emergency departments and more than 20 health centers. Each day, our nearly 9,000 employees focus on providing our community with equitable healthcare — through patient-focused research, access to care, and support services — that seeks to eradicate health disparities rooted in systematic barriers. For more information, visit