Cleveland, OH,
17:10 PM

Metrohealth Cited as National Leader in Value-based Care

The MetroHealth System is being held up as national model for its ability to deliver quality care at a controlled cost.

A recent article published in Health Affairs Forefront explores how value-based care payment models can drive innovation and improve quality. The authors – one of whom is Mark McClellan, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – explain how MetroHealth has successfully embraced value-based arrangements to transform the way it cares for the community.

You can read the full piece – “Value-Based Care And A Path To Achieve Comprehensive Care In The Safety-Net” – by clicking here.

Traditionally, hospitals were paid based on the number of services they provided. Value-based contracts, however, are designed to reward health care organizations for providing high-quality care and controlling the costs of patients’ overall care. In short, the idea is to reward providers for collaborating and keeping patients healthy by better coordinating care.

In 2014, MetroHealth started participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, the most widely known value-based care arrangement. As part of that program, the federal government rewards health systems for controlling costs and delivering better outcomes for Medicare patients. That’s something MetroHealth’s accountable care organization (ACO) has done every year since joining that program and the ones that followed. Over the years, MetroHealth has reinvested those savings into other programs to benefit patients.

“Value-based health care is the future of medicine, and the caregivers at MetroHealth are at the forefront of this movement,” said Nabil Chehade, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer. “These unified efforts with our Population Health Institute have resulted in extraordinary care for the individuals we serve.”

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