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MetroHealth is Reaching ‘Silent Population’ with New Early Pregnancy Loss Support Group

Early pregnancy loss can be one of the most frightening, confusing and saddest moments in a woman’s pregnancy journey. That’s why The MetroHealth System is launching a new early pregnancy loss support group to help families who are processing that grief.

Through a partnership with Cornerstone of Hope, a local nonprofit organization that offers resources and counseling services, women who suffered a miscarriage, are told they will miscarry or have experienced the loss of an infant are invited to attend monthly sessions.  

Every first Wednesday of the month, a Cornerstone of Hope professional will hold space for women and their partners at MetroHealth to connect, talk or just listen. Within the group, families will have a safe and compassionate environment to express their feelings, emotions and experiences related to their grief. They will also have the opportunity to process grief, have their feelings normalized and learn healthy coping strategies.

“After experiencing an early pregnancy loss, mothers are challenged by physical aspects of loss as well as unique grief,” said Katherine Zucca, Program and Grant Coordinator at Cornerstone of Hope. “Sharing one’s journey with others in a safe and compassionate space, with other couples who have experienced the same loss, can provide comfort and sense of community.”

“Grief is a natural part of loss, and we hope this program helps with that process,” said Kim Green, Vice President of Women and Children’s Services. “One of our main areas of focus is maternal health, and unfortunately miscarriages can be part of a mother’s journey. Our hope is that by providing this new program, we can meet families where they are and support those who need it.”

The Wooster-based nonprofit organization Forget-Me-Not Baskets will also donate their early loss boxes to MetroHealth. The boxes contain bereavement items for mothers and fathers, including tangible mementos, books on grief and special items to provide comfort.

“Even after I shared the news about my miscarriage with family and friends, I still felt isolated. I knew the statistics, I researched the medical side of it, but it often felt like I was the only one who had gone through it,” said Dorsena Koonce, MetroHealth employee and founder of the program. “Every woman’s experience is different, but the one thing I believe is that we should never grieve alone, and now bereaved moms have the option to come to Metro and start the emotional healing after the physical loss.”

MetroHealth patients and non-patients are welcome to join the free sessions. The first group meeting will be June 7 at 6 p.m. at MetroHealth’s Rammelkamp building. CLICK HERE to register.

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