09:11 AM

MetroHealth Launches Podcast Dedicated to COVID-19 Crisis

In times of crisis, good information is essential.

With that in mind, The MetroHealth System has launched Season 2 of “Prescription for Hope,” a podcast dedicated to informing the community about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four episodes of “Prescription for Hope” have already been released, including installments on the basics of the coronavirus, how MetroHealth is preparing, hospital supplies and a behind-the-scenes look at the MetroHealth COVID-19 hotline (1-440-59COVID).

Episodes have featured MetroHealth experts, including Vice President and Chief Quality Officer Dr. Brook Watts, Vice President of Supply Chain Management Justin Gallo and primary care physician Dr. David Margolius.

New episodes will be released regularly, all with the goal of helping Greater Cleveland, and beyond, face the pandemic with courage, good information, inspiration … and hope.

“Prescription for Hope” is available on podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play and more. Listeners can also access it on their smart speaker or via the web at

“Prescription for Hope” is a production of MetroHealth’s communications department. Season 1 of the award-winning podcast was released in 2018 and focused on the opioid epidemic and the local people and programs on the front lines of that crisis.