Cleveland, OH,
08:56 AM

MetroHealth PRIDE Clinic Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Launching Two New Initiatives

Developments aimed at increasing inclusion

In addition to being the first clinic specifically tailored to the needs of LGBTQ patients in the state, The MetroHealth System's PRIDE Clinic is excited to unveil two new developments aimed at increasing inclusion across MetroHealth and throughout the community.

The first is the new "prounoun project," unveiled at an event celebrating the PRIDE Clinic's 10th anniversary. MetroHealth staff will wear buttons identifying their preferred personal pronouns ("He/his," "She/hers," "They/their," "Ze/zir") and patients will be given stickers with space to fill in their own pronouns of choice. This issue is especially important for transgender patients who may identify with pronouns different than those that match their assigned sex. By giving patients and staff the opportunity to correctly identify their gender, providers, patients and those they interact with on site will be able to avoid awkward and sometimes embarrassing or insulting mix-ups.

To further broaden the reach of inclusive care, the PRIDE Clinic will be expanded and renamed the PRIDE Network. Previously, the PRIDE Clinic was centered at MetroHealth's McCafferty Health Center. The PRIDE Network will recognize the specialists at other locations who care for patients in the LGBTQ community. Patients will have increased flexibility in terms of when and where they can utilize MetroHealth's PRIDE resources. This also makes it clear that LGBTQ patients' needs are no different than those of others who have access to MetroHealth's more than 20 locations.

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