Cleveland, OH,
13:00 PM

MetroHealth’s Trauma Recovery Services team celebrates strength, resilience and recovery

5-18-2018 Trauma Survivors Day 2018

Traumas come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter how they happen, one thing is certain: Recovery takes time. That’s why our trauma recovery services are such an asset for our patients. We know that healing happens differently for everyone – and doesn’t stop when someone leaves the hospital. Every step forward is worth getting excited about. And that’s exactly what we did earlier this week.

In conjunction with National Trauma Survivors Day, MetroHealth celebrated our survivors and their caregivers Wednesday night. Dozens of survivors joined representatives from our trauma team to celebrate their successes. Keynote speaker Orthopaedic Traumatologist Dr. Jeffrey Smith shared his experiences of more than 20 years working with trauma patients. Specifically, Dr. Smith focused on how burnout and emotional difficulties are common hurdles patients and providers all must overcome.

Dr. Sara Laskey, MetroHealth’s Chief Experience Officer and Emergency Department physician, echoed Dr. Smith’s sentiments. For doctors, nurses and other staff who are used to seeing trauma patients at their lowest points, it’s important to take time to celebrate their recovery and successes, she said. Dr. Laskey highlighted one patient’s journey from the time she admitted him to the Emergency Department to seeing him return to MetroHealth as a volunteer with our Trauma Survivors Network. All the hard work along the way was worth it, she said, to be able to see that patient back at MetroHealth helping people on their own roads to recovery.

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