Cleveland, OH,
13:44 PM

New Ventilator, With Technology Developed by MetroHealth Doctor, Fast-Tracked for Production

CLEVELAND – A new ventilator, with technology developed by a physician from The MetroHealth System, is being fast-tracked to help COVID-19 patients.

Dr. David Birnkrant created the BiWaze TM Cough system, an FDA-approved breathing device, for pediatric patients suffering from neuromuscular disease, but the science behind it is applicable to help other patients with respiratory distress.

The BiWaze Cough uses high-frequency bursts of air to dislodge mucus from the lungs and negative air pressure to extract the mucus. One circuit connects to the patient’s nose to assist with breathing, while a separate circuit attaches to the patient’s mouth for cough assistance.

The technology also allows the device to be used remotely, making it possible for caregivers to control the BiWaze Cough from outside of the room.

Advanced Bio Machines, a medical device company, is using the same internal mechanics behind the BiWaze Cough to create a new kind of ventilator for patients suffering from COVID-19.

“It will be better than anything that’s on the market,” said Chad Boerst, ABM President and Founder.

ABM’s new ventilator can be used to treat patients suffering from COVID-19.

Boerst hopes to have as many as 1,000 ventilators on the market by June, thanks in part to the FDA’s authority to accelerate production.

“The chance that we may use this to alleviate suffering during the pandemic is exciting and a huge opportunity to do some good on a humanitarian level,” Dr. Birnkrant said.

Dr. David Birnkrant and Chad Boerst are available for virtual interviews.

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