Cleveland, OH,
16:09 PM

Noah Galloway visit highlights National Trauma Survivors Day at MetroHealth

MetroHealth joined organizations and groups around the country in celebrating National Trauma Survivors Day on Wednesday, May 17. 

The System's celebration of survivors past and present culminated with a presentation from veteran, Men's Health cover model and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Noah Galloway. 

More than 100 current and former trauma patients, staff, caregivers and community supporters gathered in Scott Auditorium on MetroHealth's main campus to hear Galloway share his story. 

After an injury in combat while serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom cost him his left arm and leg, Galloway battled depression, substance abuse and coming to terms with his new life.

In addition to praising their strength, Galloway told recent survivors that the road to recovery isn't easy. "Life is not a movie. You don't turn everything around in a moment," he said. But, as he concluded, that is all the more reason to reach out. "Share your story. You'll affect someone's life in a positive way."

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