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Our Sim Center celebrates 5 years of training and education

12-8-2017 Sim Center 5 Years

Unless you’re a doctor, nurse or first responder, you may not even know that the MetroHealth Simulation Center exists. But if you’ve been helped by any of those people recently, chances are you’ve been impacted by the training our Sim Center offers.

Our simulation staff trains people from around the county and across the country, and this week marks five years that they’ve been sharpening the skills of caregivers from all over.

Started in December of 2012, the Sim Center was created as a hands-on place for health care professionals to continue their educations. Most life-saving techniques or critical situations aren’t easily practiced or re-created. That’s where the Sim Center comes in. Training sessions include everything from live actors playing the roles of patients in distress to brand new virtual reality simulators that let surgeons practice procedures using scans from their real patients.

Even though its home base is on our main campus, the Sim Center’s impact reaches across the community. Simulation staff have worked on snowy ski slopes, at fire departments and in high school classrooms. Along the way they’ve trained everyone from lifelong professionals to first-time students. Last year alone, more than 4,000 participants logged 18,000 hours of practice and training.

The MetroHealth Simulation Center is a key part of our commitment to education, and we can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!

To learn more about what the Sim Center does, and who it trains, click here.