Cleveland, OH,
18:00 PM

Recall of Naloxone Atomizers Announced

We have been made aware of a product recall issued by Teleflex Medical, which produces the MAD300 nasal atomizer used in many MetroHealth Project DAWN take-home naloxone kits.

Nasal atomizers allow naloxone to be administered as a mist into the nostril. Instead of delivering the medication as a spray, recalled atomizers may deliver naloxone in a stream, which impairs the effectiveness of the medication.

If you received naloxone from Cuyahoga County MetroHealth Project DAWN, which look similar to the image posted below, please check the contents of your kit for recalled atomizers. The lot number located on the nasal atomizer packaging will help you identify whether your atomizers are affected by this recall.

The following lot numbers that are listed in this recall include:

160108    160231    160440    160708

160117    160300    160500    160718

160126    160313    160518    160728

160145    160327    160602    160800

160146    160400    160611    160804

160200    160409    160621    160814

160219    160422    160631    160816

160225    160432    160701    160823

If you discover that your kit contains a recalled atomizer/s, please do one of the following:

1. If you have medical insurance, please visit your local MetroHealth, Discount Drug Mart or Walgreens pharmacy and request naloxone. At these participating pharmacies you do not need a written prescription for naloxone. In the pharmacy setting, naloxone is not free, but is covered by most insurance plans.

2. Return to a local Project DAWN walk-in site to receive replacement materials dependent upon site inventory. Replacement materials may include:

  • Attachable needle tips and alcohol swabs (to be given as an injection into the outer thigh) 

  • New atomizers

  • An intramuscular naloxone kit

3. Attend our Recalled Atomizer Return Day, which will be announced on our website and the Project DAWN Facebook page.