10:14 AM

Scranton Road Temporary Closure

Impacts those driving to main campus

As construction continues on our main campus for our Transformation, drivers will be impacted by a temporary road closure.

October 15 – 29, a portion of Scranton Road will be closed northbound from West 25th Street to just before the entrance to the Elizabeth Severance Prentiss Center.

Traffic will be rerouted to West 25th Street. Through traffic northbound on West 25th Street should use the left lane, reserving the right lane for drivers to turn onto Southpoint Drive and MetroHealth Drive. Drivers exiting the MetroHealth north campus are encouraged to use MetroHealth Drive to access West 25th Street to travel south.

Drivers who are accessing the Emergency Department, the Out-Patient Pavilion, the Prentiss Center, the Southpoint Surface Lot, and the Southpoint Drive garage can access Scranton Road via Southpoint Drive, or MetroHealth Drive. Visitors and staff to the Prentiss Center will temporarily access the facility by heading south at the Scranton/Southpoint intersection to the north entrance of the parking lot.

Pedestrian traffic northbound on Scranton Road from West 25th Street will be routed to the west side of the street by a marked crosswalk. Pedestrians can cross back to the east side of Scranton at Southpoint.