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Take a listen to MetroHealth’s Podcast, “Prescription for Hope”

The MetroHealth System launches its first-ever podcast series, “Prescription for Hope”

The MetroHealth System launched its first-ever podcast, “Prescription for Hope,” in July. The podcast features seven episodes focusing on the opioid crisis and how the people at MetroHealth are working to battle the epidemic.

Episode 1: Dawn

Dr. Joan Papp explains the crisis and how she was inspired to launch Project DAWN and MetroHealth’s new Office of Opioid Safety, where she now serves as medical director.

Episode 2: Angels in the Emergency Department 

Ascent ED peer coaches Shawn Pasch and Craig Dunson are both recovering addicts. They share their inspiring stories and their amazing work with patients in MetroHealth's Emergency Department.

Episode 3: This is a Medical Illness

Dr. Paul Manning talks about his life and his experience treating opioid use disorder and his work providing medically assisted treatment (MAT). Dr. Manning busts myths about MAT, provides details of the different medications involved and explains why this treatment can be effective.

Episode 4: I Feel Like a Monster

MetroHealth’s extraordinary Mother and Child Dependency Program has gone from treating five expectant mothers in 2002 to more than 180 moms in 2017. Dr. Jennifer Bailit, who runs the program, and social worker Mansi Ng discuss how they help these vulnerable mothers stay sober and healthy – with the goal of keeping their babies.

Episode 5: Aaron’s story

Aaron Marks describes his journey from the darkness of heroin addiction to the light of recovery. Aaron talks about how he got hooked during high school (a prescription after a dental procedure), how stigma worsened his addiction, what happened when he switched to heroin and how he finally got help.

Episode 6: I’m Not Giving You Percocet

From role-playing simulations to mandatory town halls, MetroHealth is training doctors to change their habits and reduce opioid prescriptions – without ignoring their patients' pain. This gives listeners an up-close look at the effort, including a loud and tense exchange between a doctor and “patient” inside the Simulation Center. This episode features family medicine physician Dr. Michael Seidman, Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Bernard Boulanger and Medical Director of the Office of Opioid Safety, Dr. Joan Papp.

Episode 7: Epilogue

What happens when you offer 400 bags of the overdose-reversing drug Narcan to a crowd of people at the Cleveland Convention Center? How are MetroHealth's efforts to battle the opioid epidemic working out? Those questions are answered in this episode, which features an interview with president and CEO, Dr. Akram Boutros.

Listen to all seven episodes of the "Prescription for Hope" podcast by searching for "MetroHealth" in your favorite podcast app.

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"Prescription for Hope" is hosted by Tina Arundel, Manager of Public and Media Relations and produced by John Campanelli, Senior Corporate Content Specialist.


Seven episodes focusing on the opioid crisis and how the people of MetroHealth are working to battle the epidemic.