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Trauma survivors team up and give back for the holidays

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Family get-togethers are always a fixture of the holidays, and that’s no different for our Trauma Survivors Network.

This year, they decided to make their holiday celebration especially meaningful. More than 30 survivors and volunteers created more than 100 comfort packages for the We’ve Got You Covered program. The bags, which contain everything from blankets to hygienic supplies, are a vital resource for patients. Because traumas happen without warning, patients are rushed to the hospital without time to prepare or pack anything, let alone comfort items.

Whether it’s an extra pair of socks or a new toothbrush, sometimes the smallest comforts make the biggest difference. Nobody knows the road to recovery better than survivors, and thanks to our Trauma Survivors Network, new patients will have some of their needs taken care of by the time they arrive.

Even though they may not be related by birth, our trauma survivors are definitely a family - with lots to celebrate.Click here to read more about MetroHealth’s Trauma Survivors Network and how you can get involved.