Cleveland, OH,
13:00 PM

We’re celebrating people making a difference during National Minority Health Month

4-2-2018 minority health month

National Minority Health Month is observed every April, and this year MetroHealth is taking the lead to highlight people and programs working toward better health for everyone in our community.

In recent years, our country has become more diverse than ever. In fact, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, more than one-third of the population belongs to a racial or ethnic minority group. However, this growth in diversity has also emphasized growing health inequalities. Despite the fact that issues like life expectancy and infant mortality have improved for most Americans, many minorities experience a greater burden of preventable disease, death and disability.

At MetroHealth, 50 percent of our patients come from underrepresented and diverse cultural backgrounds. For us, every day is about improving minority health. With that in mind, we’re making this Minority Health Month a celebration of the people and programs that are making a positive difference in Cleveland. All month long, we’ll be featuring stories and news on social media showing what people in our community are doing to improve minority health. Click here to watch an introductory video from MetroHealth’s president and CEO, Dr. Akram Boutros.

Want to get involved? Click here for a full list of events happening throughout the month. There are plenty of chances to learn, celebrate and act. Do you know someone making a difference for minority health? Let us know. Send us a message on Facebookor Twitter telling us who we should celebrate.