Cleveland, OH,
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We’re honoring a current executive with a program supporting tomorrow’s leaders

Gone but not forgotten has a new meaning at MetroHealth.

After more than 10 years of service to the system, Chief Operating Officer Daniel K. Lewis is retiring. Lewis joined MetroHealth as vice president, human resources, in June 2007. He was named chief administrative officer in June 2011, advanced to executive vice president and chief of staff in 2013, and to chief operating officer in 2014. 

To honor his accomplishments, and to further his legacy of leadership, we’re proud to announce the Daniel K. Lewis Administrative Fellowship. The fellowship will identify and advance the next generation of health care leaders who share Dan’s commitment to community, quality and innovation.

The two-year, full-time post-graduate fellowship is a training program designed to identify best emerging management and leadership talent. What does that mean? We want to find and cultivate motivated young people from across the country to come to Cleveland and work side-by-side with our executives. We’re looking for fellows willing to dive right in from day one to help us manage our present and plan our future. 

Based on rotations similar to a medical residency, fellows will be asked to wear a lot of different hats during their time at MetroHealth. From HR to finance, and development to patient experience, they’ll get hands-on leadership experience with departments across the system and in the community. Fellows will be paired with executive mentors, represent MetroHealth at national conferences and even sit temporarily on some of our leadership committees. The two-year program is designed to expose fellows to what it takes to be a health care executive and to get them started on the path to becoming one.

The Daniel K. Lewis Administrative Fellowship is the perfect way for us to honor Dan’s legacy, and not just because it’s named after him. It’s because we’ll expect fellows to demonstrate the same level of dedication to our patients, willingness to collaborate and excitement to innovate that Dan shared every day with our staff and our community. We want to make sure that future generations of health care leaders learn to follow the example he set, in Cleveland and beyond.